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12th Oct 2019

Women feel the cold more than men do because of our metabolisms

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Now we know.

Does anyone else just get so bloody cold?

The weather has been particularly warm lately, and yet we’re still struggling to warm up.

And does it annoy you when the men in your life don’t seem to notice the cold?

Yeah same.

Well, apparently there’s a scientific reason for that.

Professor Paul Thornalley, from Warwick Medical School, reckons that the whole thing comes down to average metabolic rate.

He said that this “may explain why there is a difference in environmental temperature required for comfort between males and females”.

A person’s metabolism is responsible for producing energy, which includes heat.


So if you have a faster metabolic rate, your body will naturally produce more heat.

Prof Thornally told the BBC:

“A great determinant of resting metabolic rates is the fat free body mass in people’s bodies.”

He claims that because men have more ‘fat free body mass’, such as bones and muscle, their resting rates are much higher.

Hence their extra warmth.

However, it’s not all good news for the lads in our lives!

This metabolic rate means that during hot summer months, men are far more sensitive to hot weather, because they get warmer quicker.

That’d explain the sweat so…