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11th Jan 2019

This €15 anti-snoring pillow is about to make your 2019 WAY more pleasant

Rebecca O'Keeffe


So blessed. So moved. So grateful.

Do you spend nights lying awake, listening to the sound of a foghorn?

And by foghorn, we mean the snore monster in the bed next to you…

Well, we’re about to make your freakin’ life.

The glorious humans at Silentnight have created a pillow that’s supposed to help with loud snorers, and the customer reviews are immense.

One said:

“Bought this for my boyfriend as we moved in together and he’s possibly one of the worst snorers I’ve ever encountered. Has worked well from the night he’s used it and no more snoring, just some loud breathing but it’s a million times better! Thanks.”

Can’t argue with that now, can you?

Another customer wrote:

“Well what can I say but it works! Bought two, one for husband and one for three year grandson. I get a peaceful night and they don’t compete with one another thank you so much. ( Now just need to get one for our dog!)”

anti-snoring pillow

This Silentnight Anti Snore Pillow has been specifically designed to help relieve the symptoms of, and reduce snoring.

It’s been tested by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association who found the pillow reduced snoring frequency and volume by approximately 50 percent.. yes please.

So, how does it work?

It has been designed with a foam core, and gently supports and positions your head and neck to encourage better body alignment and positioning.

This apparently helps to improve your breathing which can lead to a snore-free sleep.

Oh, and did we mention it costs €15? BARGAIN!

You can grab one now on Amazon.