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03rd Nov 2014

All About That Face – One Man Overcame His Own Cancer And Now He’s Rocking Movember With His Own Beat Box Song

We're all about that face for Movember...


Meghan Trainor is all about the bass, and we have to admit, we’re pretty happy to leave out the treble. Now Movember has dawned on us, Ryan Watson wants us to be “All About That Face.”

To help raise awareness about Movember, and encouraging the good people of the internet to get behind the moustache mission, Ryan is hoping to create awareness around prostate cancer in the catchiest way possible.

The 34-year old teamed up with friend Troy Simpson to form the original duo “Open Concept” where they create the majority of their original music using only vocals and beatbox as their instruments.  This will be the 3rd year the pair have created a Movember video, and they hope it’ll be their biggest hit so far.

Ryan’s personal story with testicular cancer started in Ireland in December 2005 when he noticed swelling and like a huge percentage of men out there, thought it was nothing to be concerned about.

The Canadian, who was holidaying with his Irish wife in Monaghan,  when he decided to visit a local urologist for an opinion on the swelling.  Within 5 minutes, Ryan recalled how he was referred to a Urologist at the Mater Hospital Dublin.


Speaking about the time of the diagnosis, Ryan said:

“My extended Irish family only ever heard of the Mater Hospital for cancer patients. Never did the word or words “Cancer” come in to the picture or even cross my mind…  It wasn’t until the Urologist at the Mater hospital recommended he remove my testicle at the earliest possible time that I grew concerned.

Ryan recalls how he was shocked by the urgency of treatment, saying he was told:

“”I have an operating room tomorrow morning and can get it done.” … “Pardon me?” I asked in amazement.  I felt as though the wind was taken right out of my chest.  I came in for a swollen testicle and this doctor is telling me he wants to remove it? NO WAY!  He hasn’t given me a blood test, xray?? I realized the severity of the situation and flew back to Ottawa, Canada to meet up with my personal doctor to figure out what in the world I was going to do.”

After having his testicle removed in January that year, Ryan underwent three rounds of chemo lasting over three months, and a lymph node dissection clearing out any lymph nodes that could have been affected. He was given the all clear on December 15th, 2006.

Since his clean bill of health, Ryan married his wife, and is a proud father to two girls Chloe (6) and Lexie (4).

So now Ryan and Troy want to create awareness, while bringing home a message that is close to them both.

If that wasn’t enough to love this version, listen to the pretty epic performance.

We’re playing this on repeat.

Nice work lads.

Video via OpenConceptLive

Hat tip: Thanks to Lindsay Ray and Ryan Watson for sending this our way!