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13th Nov 2018

5 classic Irish cures for when you’re feeling a bit under the weather

Anna Daly

Irish cures

Brought to you by Perrigo.

Remember: Never leave the house with wet hair.

Winter in Ireland always brings with it a plethora of colds and coughs and sniffles. It seems everyone gets sick around November and is never able to shake it until at least late January.

It’s all part an parcel of living in the Emerald Isle, so it’s no wonder we have plenty of homegrown remedies to perk us up when we’re feeling a little poorly. Whether it’s a cold, a headache, or you are just feeling under the weather, us Irish people always have our go-to fixes, some more questionable than others.

Here are a few of what we think are the most ‘Irish’ cures out there.

1. A cup of tea

Sure, you know it yourself, there’s nothing better than a cup of the good stuff. Even on a normal day, an aul cuppa will make you feel great. But this everyday beverage turns medicinal whenever we feel ourselves coming down with a cold.

2. Sudocrem 

An Irish household staple. This is a cream that’s in everyone’s bathroom, at all times. If you have any sort of ailment, just spread this over the affected area and let the cream do the rest.

3. Dry toast 

When you can’t eat anything but you need to eat something, dry toast is the answer. Nauseous? Dry toast. Have the flu? Dry toast. Growing up, we never knew a sickness that dry toast couldn’t cure. And you knew you were well on the way to recovery once Mam spread a bit of butter on top.

4. A little lie down 

Has anyone in Ireland been sick and not heard the phrase “ah, have a little lie down there and you’ll feel better.” We rest our case.

5. Flat 7up

A Mammies’ miracle cure for all ailments. Need we say more?

Now, of course, there are some cases when our colds and pains go beyond the power of these remedies and we need to reach for some medicine to give us a proper helping hand to feeling better.

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Our Irish remedies ARE magical but sometimes they need a little boost along the way.

Brought to you by Perrigo

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