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13th Jan 2020

Ease into the new decade by WINNING a wellness yoga retreat for yourself and a friend


Brought to you by London Essence Company

The perfect way to start the year.

January always comes with a host of New Year’s resolutions. We always have plans to turn our entire lives around and become all-out better people. Our list of resolutions could generally fill an entire copybook.

The reality is that maybe two of those resolutions will stick. We’re okay with that though; two resolutions completed means we’re two steps further on our journey to perfection (we know we’ll get there eventually).

This year, we’re all about building ourselves up from the inside – looking after out body health and mental health and finding some new hobbies that make us feel great.

We want to help you achieve the same goal so we’ve teamed up with London Essence Company to send one lucky person on a relaxing yoga retreat with their friend.

The two will be treated to a zen weekend at The Courtyard in Co. Wicklow where they will take part in various classes including yoga, mindfulness, meditation, ayurveda, sound healing, Qi-gong and more. The retreat will start at 16:30 on the Friday and finishes up on Sunday at 14:00.

All accommodation and meals will be paid for while there and all of the food is vegan, so perfect for all the plant-based eaters out there or for anyone participating in Veganuary.

It’s not a proper retreat without a relaxing sip of something delicious though, is it? London Essence Company will be on hand to put together some mouthwatering Zero Proof Peach Bellinis for you and your friend. The recipe is entirely non-alcoholic (gotta keep that Dry January going) and it’s under 100 calories so it’s barely even a treat (though it does taste like one).

Have a look at how yummy this looks and try to tell us you don’t want one of these right now.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, just fill in the form below.

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Brought to you by London Essence Company

At the London Essence Company, they continue a tradition established towards the end of the 19th Century. Inspired by their predecessors, every drink in their collection contains the purest flavours, distilled from the finest botanical ingredients. This allows them to craft an elegant collection, always low in calories, with no artificial sweeteners. Rare quality for the most exquisite drinks. For more recipes under 150 calories visit the London Essence Co Instagram or head over to their website