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03rd Oct 2018

Care to live your worst nightmare? WIN 5 tickets to the Nightmare Realm this Friday!

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by The Nightmare Realm, in association with Fanta.

Gore, panic and all things horrifying – The Nightmare Realm is back everyone!

And to kick it all off with a bang, we’ve teamed up with the terrifying folks to give away four tickets to one lucky (depending on how you look at it) winner! Yes, you and four friends had best prepare for the scariest night of your life, this Friday, October 5.

This scare-season, The Nightmare Realm is hosting something truly spook-tacular. The theme for 2018 is ‘Witches Children,’ but it’s not at all cute or magical – it’s HORRIFYING.

At Dublin’s RDS, in Ballsbridge, there are three new haunts to run away from – The Witches Hovel, Molly’s Murder House and the Smilers Abattoir. (That last one has us quivering already!)

The Witches Hovel is set in a cabin in the woods. ‘Lovely,’ we hear you say. That is until you begin to hear whispers in your ear…

Mollys’ Murder House (sounds appealing…) is totally twisted and it’s entirely up to you to escape. Then there’s the Smilers Abattoir. It’s said to be the most disturbing haunt The Nightmare Realm have ever created. Expect to be submersed in a gruesome killing room, where the smell is unbearable and you become part of the killing line that’s already filled with dead pigs. (Okay, we think we’re terrified already…)

Of course, it’s all props, makeup, prosthetics and top-notch acting. But those who have already been know all too well, the mind plays games and forgets this instantly, leaving you in a very real nightmare of your own.

Remember, The Nightmare Realm hosts corporate events for work pals, sports and social teams, and you can get gift vouchers for friends and family too. Why, what better way to show that lot how much you care about them this Halloween season?

If you want to bring more friends, The Nightmare Realm is offering 10 percent off tickets right now, so don’t miss out! To be in with a chance to be scared out of your boots unlike ever before – simply sign up below to win! That is, if you dare…

Brought to you by The Nightmare Realm, in association with Fanta.

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