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19th May 2018

This what Harry said to Meghan after she walked down the aisle


James Dawson

The amateur lip readers are out in full force

Millions watched today as Meghan Markle walked down the aisle. Waiting there was Prince Harry, the man she would soon commit the rest of her life to. The man she would soon join in holy matrimony.

But what did he have to say to her when he greeted her for the first time on their wedding day?

Well, depending on who you talk to, he either said, “you look amazing, I’m so lucky”… or perhaps, a little more controversially, “I’m shitting it”.

Judge for yourself here:

Here are a few people who think he said “you look amazing, I’m so lucky”:

And here’s #TeamProfanity’s take on it:

I mean, we’re not a professional lip readers. So we can’t claim to know exactly what was said.

But we’re guessing – given that he’s a member of the royal family and millions of eyes were watching – he didn’t say he was “shitting it”.

What do you think?