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25th Sep 2018

WIN a trip to Milan! All you need to do is play our Pizza Game Show

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Goodfellas.

It’s the Goodfellas Gameshow! And you’re invited.

Oh but it’s not just any old game show friends, it involves pizza and a trip to Milan! Ideal, if we may say so.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll be doing a Her Facebook Live Goodfellas Gameshow this Thursday, 27 September at 1pm with none other than Mr Baz Ashmawy (the guy who loves his mammy). All our Her fans can interact and engage to try win some of the MANY prizes, simply by picking a pizza and a slice. Then leave a comment that includes one of these hashtags:




So for example, if you wanted to pick the Goodfellas Deeppan and it’s pizza number three, you’d comment using #GoodfellasDeeppan 3. Easy-peasy.

Under each of the slices are vouchers worth either €50 or €100, so you’ve a decent chance at winning say a One4All voucher, an Argos voucher, or a Ryanair voucher. But one lucky duck will nab that glorious weekend trip for two to Milan. (Accommodation and flights are included just FYI.) You’ll just need to hope Baz catches your name at the right time and pick the right slice.

Well, gather ’round everyone. Be sure to join in on the lucky pizza slice shenanigans!

Brought to you by Goodfellas, the No. 1 Frozen Pizza brand.

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