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29th Jan 2016

WATCH – This Documentary On Dublin Drag Queens Is SO Entertaining

The priest watching a drag show is a highlight

Ellen Tannam

Regina George, Victoria Secret and Pixie Woo are three of Ireland’s top drag queens and a group of Trinity college students created a fantastic documentary giving some insight into the hedonistic and creative world these entertainers live in.

The Dublin drag scene is bursting with talent, so it was only natural that director Sadhbh Murphy wanted to document the unique experience of a drag show, and gain insider knowledge on the scene.

She was inspired to make Dragumentary after viewing the iconic documentary Paris Is Burning, which chronicles the drag scene of New York city in the 1980s:

‘I wanted to make a contemporary film about Irish Drag that would give me the chance to expose this wonderful, exciting world to a wider audience.’

She also wanted to highlight the hardworking and versatile queens who have to put in so much effort to execute a successful show, essentially being the best multitaskers of all time:

‘There are so many different types of Drag and it encompasses a range of different talents including fashion, performance, hosting, dancing and comedy all in one.’

‘I was in awe of the artistry and skill involved in their performances. The Irish Queens were so talented and such incredible, diverse entertainers and performers I was instantly taken in by them.’

Take a look at the film below:

Video and stills image via YouTube/SadbhMurphy