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20th Jun 2022

Things are heating up between Indiyah and Dami on tonight’s Love Island

We ship them.

Fans were left stunned after Sunday night’s episode of Love Island, when Dami admitted he’s been having feelings for Indiyah.

Now, it looks like a romance between the pair could be on the cards, as the Dubliner is set to pull her for a chat tonight.

“Do you feel like we’ve ever had a spark?” he asks her.

Indiyah says: “I feel like we’ve not been able to explore that and obviously I feel like we do get along but we’ve never actually looked at each other in that light.”

Dami then asks: “Would you like to explore it?”

“I think you know and everybody else knows that if there was somebody else that I would get to know, it would’ve been you but we just never went down that path,” Indiyah replies.

Later, in the Beach Hut, she admits: “That energy I have with Dami, I don’t have with Ikenna.”

Ikenna seems to have spotted the brewing romance between the pair too, as he tells Indiyah: “Do you know what I’ve noticed as well that you and Dami get on.”

Elsewhere, Amber and Ekin-Su seem to be clashing, and decide to address it.

Amber explains: “I feel like upstairs, you’ve been really genuine and we’ve seen a vulnerable side to you but I will add, over the last couple of days I’ve thought, is she playing a bit of a game?”

Ekin-Su asks: “What’s your actual issue with me? All you’re saying doesn’t make sense.”

Amber replies: “You’re playing a bit of a game, enjoying the drama”. Ekin-Su questions: “Am I playing a game or are you playing a game?”

Will the pair be able to put their differences aside or will things blow up?

Tonight’s episode will also see the islanders take part in a challenge called ‘Lip Service’, which will see the boys guzzle a mouthful of ingredients before sliding across a dance floor where they have to transfer it to the girls. Lets just hope it’s not as gross as the annual food challenge

Viewers will get to find out who’s at risk of leaving the villa next too, as everyone is asked to gather around the fire pit to find out the results of the public vote.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.