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25th Nov 2014

There’s More Twists and Turns in the Lucy Beale Murder Case

This plot gets more confusing by the minute.

Cathy Donohue

Eastenders viewers will find out who killed Lucy Beale in the New Year but in the meantime, more information is set to come to light.

At the moment, the officers investigating the case believe they can account for everyone’s whereabouts on the night Lucy was killed.

However, according to Inside Soap, a video found on Fatboy’s phone will reveal that one resident hasn’t been telling the truth about where they were on the night of the murder.

Thinking it’s just a funny clip, Fatboy shows his friends the video but Lee Carter knows the footage is from the night Lucy died.

Lee then has to make a decision between confronting the person in question and bringing the new evidence to the police.

In a separate discovery, Jane and Ian find an unsent message on Lucy’s phone and they are completely shocked when they realise who the message was meant for.

jane and ian
Jane and Ian are left shocked after this discovery

The killer will be revealed in 2015 as part of the show’s 30th anniversary celebrations but we’re pretty sure things get considerably more complicated before that happens…