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10th Dec 2021

Review: And Just Like That… episode one left us wanting more

Ellen Fitzpatrick

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It’s finally here.

*Mild spoilers for And Just Like That… episode 1.

Our favourite leading ladies are back and as they now dive into a world we’ve never seen them in before, it’s refreshing yet familiar to see how far they’ve come.

In the first episode of And Just Like That… we hear Carrie talk about her podcast career, Miranda defending her decision to stay grey and Charlotte’s prim and proper attitude now being diverted to her children. Some things change and others are just how we left them.

Carrie is still making snide remarks to her friends, Miranda is as defensive as ever and Charlotte is, well, she’s still Miss Perfect.

Less than a minute into the new series and we already feel Samantha’s absence, mostly because the remaining trio bring her up almost immediately. In the first scene, Miranda confirms that their old friend isn’t dead, she just moved to London after she and Carrie had a falling out.

Later on, Miranda tells Carrie she “may as well be dead” that’s how little they talk about her, harking back to Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s real-life beef. It was a little left field, but hey, when hasn’t Sex and The City been that before?

One thing for sure hasn’t changed – Big and Carrie’s relationship. From him shutting down her invite to Charlotte’s daughter’s recital to him critiquing how she salts the fish, it’s still Big’s world and Carrie’s just living in it.

It’s clear this new series is trying to be as politically aware as it can, with Miranda being overly concerned about saying “the wrong thing” in a new class she attends. And Just Like That… may be very self conscious, but maybe that could be for the better.

The characters have turned out exactly how you expected each of them to, and while this return isn’t the original, it never could be and that’s okay.

All in all, the first episode lived up to all our expectations – entertaining, classy, and easy to watch. Our favourites are back and the drama is certainly set to really kick off… If that shock ending is anything to go by, anyway.

And Just Like That… I’m hooked all over again.

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