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15th Jun 2022

One of the new islanders will make a move on Indiyah tonight

Sarah McKenna Barry

The bombshells are here, and they’re looking to cause a stir.

On last night’s Love Island, we saw two brand new boys – Remi and Jay – crash the party and enter the villa, and tonight, they’re set to shake things up.

Remi, a 22-year-old model from Manchester is “keen” to pull Indiyah – who is currently coupled up with Ikenna – for a chat. After doing so, he asks her if she’s kissed anyone in the villa yet. Inidyah tells him that it’s “literally just been me and Ikenna”.

Remi then asks her how that’s going, and she says: “It’s going alright, it’s going calm, like obviously we’re both taking it slow not rushing into anything, we are both on the same page and we both know that it’s early days and we’re not completely closing ourselves off, so it’s not a done deal, time will tell.”

Remi then admits that he has his eyes on her, and after asking her what her type is, Indiyah says: “You’re obviously a good looking boy.”

The next morning, Jay tells Remi who has turned his head in the villa, and says that since arriving some of the girls are “rattled”.

He says: “I caught eyes with Amber and I’ll never forget that, Amber and I were just eyeballing, I was literally eyeballing Amber from the middle of the hall.”

Remi then says that he thinks Andrew and Tasha look good together, but Jay disagrees, saying: “Tasha wants out of that relationship.”

He later adds: “I think Tasha is probably wanting us to properly graft her but yeah bro, it’s all to play for mate.”

Later the boys are able to go on three dates with the girls. Remi chooses Indiyah, Paige and Ekin-Su, while Jay picks Amber, Ekin-Su and Tasha.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.