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25th Nov 2017

OK Go’s latest video is so visually insane it actually comes with a warning

The treadmill guys are back to blow your minds.

Rory Cashin

Another instant classic from the OK Go lads.

Even if you’re not a fan of their music – and to be fair, their music is pretty great, so you probably should be a fan – then you’re a definitely a fan of OK Go’s music videos.

You probably remember them as “the treadmill one” (‘Here It Goes Again’), “the Rube Goldberg machine one” (‘This Too Shall Pass’), “the zero-gravity one” (‘Upside Down & Inside Out’) and loads more.

For the latest single from their album Hungry Ghosts – which was released WAY back in October 2014, believe it or not – the foursome have put together a visual piece that involves 157 printers and an insane amount of paper and ink.

Now, before you go thinking that they’re being super wasteful, we are told that all of the paper will be recycled, and all the proceeds will go to Greenpeace.

Additionally, the video actually comes with a warning, as well as a set of instructions:

“This video has a lot of flashing colors. If you’re susceptible to seizures, be careful, please. Your viewing experience will look significantly better if you manually set your YouTube resolution settings to 1440p or 2160p (for desktop, click the gear icon in the lower right). Just leaving it on ‘Auto HD’ results in some pretty intense distortion during a few sections, because when the the colors and patterns get crazy, there’s actually just too much information flying by for YouTube’s normal HD compression. We broke the matrix.

Watch the 3-minute visual insanity of ‘Obsession’ below:

Clip via OK Go