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17th Jun 2019

Nobody had time for Amy and her glum expression on last night’s Love Island


Denise Curtin

Is ‘Juicy’ on the rocks?

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Fans aren’t impressed.

Last night’s Love Island saw the Islanders making a call on some tough decisions. Who should Tommy pick? Should Anton follow his heart? Is Joe’s relationship really “endgame”?

The episode was one we were all waiting for, ending the “Molly V Maura” saga for now and seeing a plot twist when Maura and Anna didn’t get evicted but instead, sent on dates with TWO new boys.

However, aside from all the obvious drama, there was one thing that really pissed fans off last night and that was Amy.

Love Island fans will know the bitter ground between Amy and Lucie at the moment. Amy feels Lucie never hangs around with the girls anymore because she has found Joe whereas Lucie has explained that it’s not the case and she just prefers to do her own thing and spend time in the company of the lads.

Fans were feeling for Lucie last night

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So far in the series, Lucie has clearly been seen doing her own thing, opting out of bitching sessions with the girls and working out by herself, however, it’s still not something Amy is OK with and last night, she looked displeased by Lucie’s presence during recoupling.

As Joe stood to explain that even after a rocky couple of days in the villa, he still wants to couple up with Lucie, Amy looked visibly glum to see the pair choosing to continue their relationship.

Expect more tea again tonight as Jordan and Tom enter the villa.

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