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23rd Jul 2023

Netflix has added one of its best ever documentaries

The documentary is written and directed by an Irish filmmaker.

There are plenty of documentaries to be found amongst the best original movies and best original series that Netflix have ever made, and in time, we imagine The Deepest Breath will likely be ranked alongside them.

Written and directed by Irish filmmaker Laura McGann, the documentary tells the story of Italy’s Alessia Zecchini and Ireland’s Stephen Keenan.

The former is a champion free diver (those who dive as deep into the ocean’s depths with no breathing assistance equipment whatsoever), and the latter is one of the most highly regarded safety expert divers.

Initially detailing their lives separately, we’re soon shown how their worlds collided against the backdrop of one of the most deadly sports in the world.

Following a brief cinematic release, which would seem to indicate that Netflix have some strong indicators that this could be up for Best Documentary at the Oscars next year, the film was greeted by some incredible reviews:

Slashfilm – “A mesmerising, powerful glimpse at the irresistible siren call of the deep and a sombre record of the human cost of pushing boundaries.”

The Guardian – “Rounding out the pervasive sense of fear and ecstasy is a mesmerising, sometimes mind-altering, depiction of the ocean’s depths. When one beholds Zecchini’s figure undulating to the sound of nothing, it’s all too clear that thrill-seeking is only part of the story.”

Variety – “The Deepest Breath is hard to argue with, coming closer than might seem possible to conveying the exhilaration and/or terror of descending further than the length of a football field into infinite aqua.”

The Deepest Breath is available to watch on Netflix from Wednesday 19 July.