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11th Mar 2018

The music video for Malta’s Eurovision entry needs to be seen to be believed

Rory Cashin

Mad Max meets The Hunger Games meets … Schindler’s List?

Well, it is certainly attention grabbing, we’ll give it that.

While we’ve been enjoying Ireland’s 2018 Eurovision entry – which we recommend you check out right here – it does come up a little bit short in the controversy factor when you compare it to … this.

The song, titled ‘Taboo’, and sung by Maltese singer Christabelle, sounds pretty similar to a lot of the popular EDM-y, vaguely euro-trance-y tracks that have done well in the last few years.

However, the video… is another matter altogether.

It features a dystopian future, in which Christabelle attempts to save people who have been thrown in to a kind of gladiatorial pit… except it looks like they might just be involved in an aggressive dance-off situation instead?

That bit isn’t exactly clear, but the Mad Max-meets-Nazi Germany overlords are very excited about the show, except Christabelle volunteers as a dance-off tribute, and then everyone is … ashamed? Actually, that bit isn’t exactly clear, either.

Especially since it keeps cutting away to a Matrix’y end of the world rave-orgy, where people are also dancing, but it is okay to dance here, because ….. they want to dance here?

None of this makes sense, but we still love it. If anyone is to beat Ireland this year, we hope its Malta!