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13th Jul 2022

Love Island: Billy deserves better

Sarah McKenna Barry

Justice for our Billy.

To say that last night’s Love Island was a weird one is a fair assessment.

We witnessed the sheer power of the menace that is Adam Collard. He’s been in the villa for a hot minute, he has already ruffled a view feathers. Notably, he got under Jacques O’Neill’s skin, which ultimately led him to leave the villa entirely.

After learning from Gemma Owen that Adam called him “immature” behind his back, Jacques confronted Paige Thorne (for some reason?) and poor Billy Brown got caught up in the crossfire.

Billy politely asked Jacques if he should leave the two of them to chat, and even offered him his place on the daybed. Jacques, however told him to stay, so Billy obliged. Imagine our surprise when literally two seconds later, Jacques flipped quickly and told Billy to “fuck off”.

Paige then stood up for her pal, and told Jacques that what he said was “so rude”.

Thankfully, Billy didn’t fuck off immediately, and was on hand to tell Jacques to keep his head, and patted his arm in an attempt to calm him down.

While Jacques did offer an apology to Billy later, we found ourselves demanding more for the 23-year-old when he comforted Tasha Ghouri in bed. After coupling up with each other in Casa Amor, Tasha has since made it clear that her heart is with Andrew. Billy, in the meantime, has treated her with patience, and last night was no exception.

After telling Tasha that he hopes she gets treated “like a princess’, he noticed that she was crying in bed. She then told him: “With Andrew, part of me is like he can easily hurt me again, but at the same time I have a bit of fear of missing out on you.”

Now, if Billy felt frustrated or strung along by this comment, it would be understandable. However, being the emotionally intelligent human he is, he sensed Tasha’s mood, and offered her reassurance instead of resistance.

“Don’t overthink it,” he said. “We don’t do tears, we only smile, alright?”

Now, it could just be that the standard for this year’s batch of Love Island lads is on the floor (Casa Amor is still fresh in our memories), that seeing a man behave respectfully strikes us as a radical act of feminism, but hey we’ll take it. And we’ll be rooting for someone to come into the villa and be Billy’s type, because. my God, that lad deserves better.