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18th Jul 2022

The islanders are playing Snog, Marry, Pie on tonight’s Love Island

Sarah McKenna Barry

It’s all kicking off.

Amid the fallout of last night’s dramatic Mad Movies, Love Island is brining another controversial challenge back tonight – Snog, Marry, Pie.

The game sees the islanders faced with making a decision – who will they snog, who will they get on one knee for, and who will they pie in the face?

The game is bound to cause some chaos among the islanders, with some contestants receiving mores pies in the face than others, while some islanders will be left a little confused by some of the snog choices.

Believe it or not, Snog, Marry, Pie isn’t the only game on tonight’s agenda. The islanders will also gear up to play Suck and Blow. This game sees them attempting to pass a card around the circle using only their lips, and whoever drops the card must perform a dare.

During the game, Billy is dared to kiss the girl he fancies the most, and the question remains, will he fuel the fire and kiss Gemma in front of Luca? It all remains to be seen.

Later in Suck and Blow, Adam is dared to have a three-way kiss with two islanders, but who will he pick? And what will Paige think?

What’s more, the game also results in Andrew doubting his friendship with Dami and Luca.

He tells them: “Apparently, you would say everything to my face and obviously you haven’t.”

Tonight’s episode will also cover the fallout from Movie Night. In the morning, Davide tells the other lads that he feels “very confused” about his future with Ekin-Su.

Later on, Adam pulls Davide for a chat, telling him: “There’s a reason why you keep getting drawn together, why do you choose each other every recoupling, why are you flirting? Because it is good when you see you around the Villa, you and Ekin-Su, you do work and maybe she’s realised in Casa Amor how much you actually meant to her.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.