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31st Jul 2014

VIDEO – “I Carried A Watermelon, Boy” What If Dirty Dancing Was Set In Mosney?

Once upon a time in an Irish Holiday camp...

What started as practice for the céilí, led to something more…

It’s probably fair to say that most of us know every single line of Dirty Dancing by heart but we can guarantee you, you have never heard it like this before.

TV3 have released this amazing promo because they are showing the old classic on Saturday night, the 2nd of August. However, they have put a very unique Irish twist on the entire affair.

We can assure you that if someone who looked like Patrick Swayze was hanging around Irish holiday centres when we were younger, we would have been a lot more enthusiastic about those family holidays.

Dirty Dancing airs Saturday 2nd August at 9pm on TV3.

Hat tip to the Thread for this one!