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27th May 2024

Cheryl struggling on tour as she spends time apart from son Bear

Kat O'Connor

Cheryl is finding the Girls Aloud tour difficult

Being away from your child for a night is a struggle so we can’t imagine how Cheryl is feeling as she continues the Girls Aloud tour.

The mum is reportedly feeling upset over the amount of time she’s spending without her son Bear.

A source close to the singer said the biggest downfall of the tour is being away from her little boy.

She is reportedly finding it difficult not being there for her little boy at night time.

They told OK! that she was feeling emotionally affected by the distance.

“Cheryl is loving the tour so far and has been enjoying being back on stage with the other girls and seeing fans.

“It’s gone better than they expected and she gets such a buzz every night.

“However it is hard emotionally as this is the longest she’s been away from Bear and misses not putting him to bed every night. She can’t help but feel guilty and is very excited for him to join her for a couple of weeks.”

Not only is she finding it hard without Bear, but the band is also touring for the first time since Sarah Harding passed away.

The harrowing loss is felt on the tour, but the girls wanted to honour their late bandmate by paying tribute to her through their music.

The singer sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 39.