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11th Aug 2017

Here’s what your favourite 90s heartthrobs are up to now

And boy have they changed!

Brought to you by Electric Ireland.

We had some pretty decent heartthrobs in the 90s ladies.

Many of them no doubt had a special place on our bedroom wall or were our first loves EVER.

But some things change ey… Nevertheless, we were curious as to what emotive feelings we would feel digging up our 90s sweethearts. In no particular order (sure who could choose) here they are.


The 1997 hit song MMMBop had us falling head over heels for Isaac, Taylor (mmm..) and Zac (that absolute cutie). And yes, your calculations are correct, that’s TEN years ago! Today 12 Hanson offspring roam the earth so clearly the boys have been busy, not to mention their own record label and continued touring for all these years. They have their own beer called MMMHops and their home town of Tulsa celebrates ‘Hanson Day’ every year on 6 May.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Who wasn’t in love with Zack Morris, the cheeky bad boy from Saved by the Bell. All the times we darted home just to get a glimpse of him on TV and the endless hours we spent watching reruns. Zack really was, and still is THE man. Since the nickelodeon days Mark has starred in numerous movies and TV shows such as Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Weeds and NYPD Blue.

James Van Der Beek

Every Dawson’s Creek fan drooled over this young man and many were likely livid when the likes of Katie Holmes got to give him a smooch. Today James stars in a Diplo mockumentary named What Would Diplo Do? which saw Diplo indulge in a Twitter battle with Calvin Harris. The skit premiered in the US last week and is now available to stream on YouTube.


Before we said Bye Bye Bye to the group in 2002 they really were our everything. The hours we spent singing along, dreaming we could touch them through our TV screens is probably immense. Well we know Justin had a super successful solo career but what of the rest of the boys? Most recently we saw JC on Randy Jackson’s America Best Dance Crew – that ended in 2012 and we have no idea what he’s doing now. Joey Fatone has spent most of his time presenting and hosting various shows including some red-carpet glamour plus a role in My Big fat Greek Wedding. Chris has played it rather low key, popping out babies although music is still a big part of his life. Lance is an outspoken advocate who supports the LQBTQ community every step of the way.

Jonathon Taylor Thomas

What an absolute babe! Jonathon continues to be most famous for his roles in the hilarious Home Improvement and The Lion King where he voiced the character of Simba. Since the good ol’ days, he’s starred in various TV series but we especially loved Last Man Standing which saw him reunite with his Home Improvement parents, Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson.

Jason Priestly

The Beverly Hills 90210 heartthrob was a major favourite. Brandon Walsh had style (for the most part), a flirtatious grin (mmm…) and a wicked eye. Best of all, Jason fared better than most all these years on. He continues to be a director.

Matthew Lawrence

Anyone who loved Mrs. Doubtfire will remember this oh so handsome face. That smile had us weak at the knees for over an hour so it did… and still does! Matthew, it turns out is still ridiculously attractive. As far as we know he still stars in the odd movie and appearance in TV series’.

Freddie Prince Jr.

The nineties brought with it some rather humorous ‘horrors’ or fright movies, some of which Freddie played a big part in, such as I Know What You Did Last Summer. And remember She’s All That? We feel a movie night coming on! Today Freddie is married to another 90’s celebrity, Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka Buffy, and continues to produce and direct.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

This sweet little alien from Third Rock from the Sun grew up so fast! Look at that hair too! Today Joseph is a major Hollywood actor who has started in major films such as The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln and Snowden.

Andrew Keegan

Any fan of the film 10 Things I Hate About You will have gushed over this heartthrob and 80s kids will know him best for his role in Full House. Fast-forward to 2015, Andrew was very busy creating his own religion.

Devon Sawa

He was Casper, the friendly ghost, the friendliest ghost we knew. Who knew Casper was such a hottie in human form ey? Plus, his role in the film Now and Then, alongside Christina Ricci had us gushing over him. Well Devon went on to star in Eminem’s infamous video for Stan and today… lord knows.

Backstreet Boys

Even after Blink 182 took the absolute piss out of them we were still enthralled with the alluring boy band. Today the boys have dabbled in modelling, films and managed to get married and have babies. Brian Littrell has a very successful music career in the Christian Pop scene and Nick Carter… is still Nick Carter.


Who didn’t LOVE 5ive?! They were adorable, very sweet AND they had the catchiest tunes of them all! And now we have a VERY special announcement to make!

Any lucky ducks heading to Electric Picnic this year will have the 90s chart sensations 5ive, PLUS S Club Party as headliners of Electric Ireland’s poptastic Throwback Stage, bringing 90s nostalgia to Electric Picnic! Oh. Em. G. We cannot wait!

Looks like you festival goers are in for an epic treat!

We can just feel those sunny, glorious childhood days of the 90s returning already and we CANNOT contain our excitement!

Brought to you by Electric Ireland.

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