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14th Mar 2018

Harry Potter fans have already noticed a problem with the new Fantastic Beasts trailer

Jade Hayden


Look lads, the Fantastic Beasts trailer just dropped there yesterday or something and people can’t wait more than five minutes to find a problem with it?

Now, if the problem was that Johnny Depp was in it, we’d be like “fair enough,” but that’s not the problem.

The problem is something much more important, something much more pressing that fans of the franchise simply cannot let go of.

And that’s that apparitions happen in the Fantastic Beasts trailer, but apparitions cannot happen inside of the grounds of Hogwarts.

Now, on the off that you’re reading this and you’re not a Harry Potter fan, an apparition is when a witch or a wizard is one place and then they appear in another place via sheer force of will.

However, this specific ability is not permitted within Hogwarts grounds.

How? Hard to say. Why? We don’t know. It just isn’t.

In the trailer for the new film however, three wizards are seen apparating onto the bridge leading to Hogwarts, no bother to them at all.

Fans were, let’s say, less than impressed.

They took to Twitter to express their views.

As it turns out though, there might be a good reason as to why the lads are able to apparate onto the bridge.

As suggested by Twitter user Proma, the ban on apparating inside the Hogwarts ground may have come about because of something that happened in this movie which is, of course, a prequel to everything that happened in the Harry Potter series.

Either way, we’re sure that JK Rowling will have a great explanation as to why apparations are allowed in this film.

Or she’ll just say that the sorting hat is gender fluid or something, whichever.