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07th Feb 2022

A Harry Potter convention is returning to Ireland this year

Katy Brennan

A Potterhead’s dream come true.

If the recent Harry Potter reunion reignited your love for the franchise and left you wanting more then worry not – your next fix is on the way.

WizardCon, a Harry Potter convention, returns to Dublin in May for the third year running.

The magical event celebrates all thing Harry Potter and will take place in the RDS on 21 and 22 May.

Guests will get to enjoy actor Q&As, interactive activities, spectacular set pieces for photo ops, magic tattoos, and even wizard bingo.

There’ll also be a host of live entertainment from magical acts and personalities.

The event is run by volunteers and all proceeds will be donated to Barnardos, Dogs Trust and Pieta House.

Organiser and WizardCon founder Melissa Hayward told Dublin Live what fans can expect.

“We have different classes like dark arts and herbology,” she said.

“There’s the Dublin Wizard Con House Choir which is powerful and Magical Creatures where there are live owls and people giving talks about them.

“We’re still revealing a lot of the actors. This year, it’s looking like we have Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double.

“We’ll have Percy Weasley who will hopefully be hosting.”

She added: “In Harry Potter if you’re a dark wizard, you have a tattoo. We’ll have a tattoo artist there doing real tattoos and then for the underage wizards, we have transfer tattoos.”

With the elaborate design of the RDS, guests will feel like they are truly stepping foot into the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

“A lot of people say it’s like arriving in Hogwarts. We’ve had people cry because it’s overwhelming. When you walk in the door, we have all the sets from the films.

“What’s incredibly important to me is that sense of childlike fun and play. You can just escape to the wizard world for a while when the real world gets too heavy.”

Tickets are priced at €25 for a child or €35 for an adult and can be purchased here.