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22nd Dec 2023

I smell snow: Every festive episode of Gilmore Girls

Kat O'Connor

Gilmore Girls

It’s Lorelai Gilmore’s world and we’re just living in it

Gilmore Girls and autumn are the perfect combination, but it’s also a perfect show to watch over Christmas break.

Gilmore Girls is a comfort show so watching it during the festive season just makes sense.

Stars Hollow comes to life during Christmas with glistening snow, twinkly lights everywhere, and Luke making Lorelai the famous Santa burger.

Christmas is such a hectic time of year for many, but I use it as a time to go into hibernation mode. It’s been quite a hectic and overwhelming year so curling on the sofa with a tub of Roses and watching Gilmore Girls is the ultimate antidote.

The show warms my heart and isn’t that exactly what we need during Christmas?

If, like me, you’re forever re-watching the show then why not check out the festive Gilmore Girls episodes.

The ones that are bound to get you in the Christmas spirit.

The ones that will make you wish we had snow in Ireland.

And the ones that’ll make you daydream about living in Stars Hollow.

My personal favorite is episode eight of season one ‘Love and War and Snow’.

It’s the first time we hear Lorelai Gilmore say her iconic ‘I smell snow’ line and it captures Christmas in Stars Hollow perfectly.

It’s also one of the best episodes for Max Medina fans (I still wish they got married) as the teacher gets stranded in Stars Hollow.

You can check out the full list of Christmas Gilmore Girls episodes below, but maybe have tissues at the ready for ‘Forgiveness and Stuff’.

“Richard Gilmore, there may be many things happening in this hospital tonight, but your dying is not one of them.”

  • Season One: Episode Eight- Love and War and Snow
  • Season One: Episode Ten –Forgiveness and Stuff
  • Season Two: Episode Ten –The Bracebridge Dinner
  • Season Three: Episode Ten –That’ll Do, Pig
  • Season Four: Episode Eleven –In the Clamor and the Clangor
  • Season Five: Episode Eleven –Women of Questionable Morals
  • Season Six: Episode Twelve –Just Like Gwen and Gavin
  • Season Seven: Episode Eleven –Santa’s Secret Stuff