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22nd Jun 2021

Friends fans spot massive body double blunder in episode rewatch

Sarah McKenna Barry

“That’s not Monica!”

A clip from Friends in which Monica’s body-double can be seen is currently baffling fans after a TikTok user pointed out the major blunder.

Mumandmore4 shared a scene from The One with Rachel’s Date, which originally aired in 2001.

In the clip, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Monica (Courteney Cox) are sitting on the couch together in Central Perk. They are discussing Monica’s sous-chef, who Phoebe is dating.

Introducing the blunder, Mumandmore4 says: “I know there is so many mistakes in Friends, but I have never seen this one before.”

The clip continues, and the camera continuously switches focus from Monica to Phoebe. Towards the end, Phoebe points out that Monica’s hair looks like it’s been singed while she was at work.

Monica immediately touches her hair and tells Phoebe, “I paid to have this done.”

@mumandmore4I know there is so many mistakes in friends but I have never seen this one before. ##friends ##friendsobsession ##friendsmistakes ##tvmistakes ##omg

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The camera pans back to focus mostly on Phoebe, but as it does, it’s clear that a body-double is standing in for Courteney Cox.

“That’s not Monica!” the TikTok user points out.

In the comments, fans discussed why production used a stand-in.

One user assumed that a stand-in would only be used in scenes that featured stunts. In this scene, however, both Monica and Phoebe are sitting.

“Why on earth would she need a stand in at that point?” one user wrote.

Another fan speculated that a body double was used to spare cost.

“Sometimes when they’re just filming one actors lines (phoebe), it’s too expensive to have the other actor there so they hire a stand in. It’s cheaper.”

One pointed out that as the show was originally filmed for box TVs, the HD widescreen format of modern televisions picks up on errors that would have been missed. When the show originally aired, the stand-in would have been out of frame.