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27th Jul 2018

Emmerdale’s Lachlan is about to make things so much worse for Rebecca

Jade Hayden


Ah, god.

Last night, Emmerdale fans would have been glad to know that Rebecca is still very much alive and that Lachlan hasn’t killed her just yet.

Good news all round, right?

Nah, not really actually though because Lachlan hasn’t been keeping Rebecca in a five star hotel in the quiet countryside, he’s had her chained up in a chalet in the middle of nowhere with minimum food and water.

Some lad.

During yesterday evening’s instalment of the soap, Lachlan could be seen making Rebecca phone Robert to let him know that she wasn’t going to be back in the village for a while.

Previously, Robert had thought that Rebecca was in Ibiza but when he discovered her passport in her room he knew this to be false info.

The phone call will keep Robert off Lachlan’s trail for a while, but as Rebecca so accurately noted last night, he won’t be able to keep her there forever.

Which is, yeah OK, true… but that doesn’t mean that Lachlan isn’t going to do some fairly horrible things to Rebecca while she’s there.

Like promising to let her see her son, Seb, only to revoke that offer fairly soon afterwards.

Rebecca is, understandably, devastated by the news that she won’t be able to see her baby boy again for another while and Lachlan, obviously, doesn’t really care as long as Rebecca keeps her mouth shut about his murders.

And seeing as she’s chained up and gagged in a chalet, that’s probably not the least likely thing that’s going to happen.

Grim enough.