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28th Jun 2022

Love Island: Danica sets her sights on Andrew as Luca asks Jacques about his relationship with Gemma


In last night’s episode of Love Island, we saw Tasha and Andrew declare they have “tunnel vision” for each other, and there’s no way either of their heads will be turned.

But in tonight’s episode, Andrew is set to get a shock as Danica reveals she has eyes for him, creating more chaos than he needed.

Grabbing a pep talk from Ekin-Su, she tells Danica: “You are a bombshell, remember. You are a Bomb. Shell. You came in a shell – but we don’t see the bomb exploding.”

Danica agrees: “Yeah the bomb exploded and then it just died down…well not anymore hun.”

Pumped with confidence, Danica heads for Andrew and pulls him for a chat and lays it all on the line, saying: “You are a fully grown man, you will do whatever you want to do but actually I just need to be honest with you and what I feel and what vibe I get. I do enjoy getting to know you.”

Andrew agrees: “Yeah, I do enjoy our chats to be fair.”

Danica continues: “Obviously, I think this is more for me to just let you know I do fancy you, I’m open to getting to know you a bit more, I enjoy our conversations, you make me feel very comfortable and I’m just letting you know so you’ve got the heads up.”

What will Andrew make of her confession, and more importantly, how will Tasha take the news?

After his bust up with Gemma yesterday, there is a lot playing on Luca’s mind when it comes to their future, so he decides to confide in none other than her ex, Jacques.

Laying on the day beds, Luca asks him about his past with Gemma, and what she was like with him.

Jacques says: “I’d much rather be with Paige than Gem. Like 1000%. Like I could literally go out with Paige, be myself and the next day wake up and have no issues, at all. Even if I’d said something wrong, or anything. But if I did that with Gem I’ve got questions to answer the next day.” 

It’s not long before Gemma finds out about the chat they’ve had, but what will she think of their conversation?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.