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15th Jan 2019

Corrie sex scene that received 68 complaints not investigated by Ofcom

Jade Hayden

corrie ofcom

The complaints were not upheld.

A Coronation Street sex scene that received 68 complaints upon airing has not been investigated by Ofcom.

The controversial scene, which saw Kate Connor attempt to seduce Adam Barlow in the hopes of becoming pregnant, was deemed unfair by some viewers as they believed it was unrepresentative of gay women.

Previously, Kate and girlfriend Rana had broken up following the waitress’s obsession with having a baby.

After their deal with Robert amounted to nothing, Kate decided that she was going to try and get Adam to help her out with her sticky situation.

During the scene, she said: “Nobody’s interested in labels these days, are they?” after she told Adam that she was interested in men as well as women, despite the known fact that she is very much a lesbian.

After the episode aired, 68 people filed complaints to Ofcom.

The broadcasting authority told Digital Spy that the complaints were not upheld as they didn’t believe that the storyline reflected “their sexual orientation in a derogatory manner.”

“We are assessing these complaints against our broadcasting rules, before deciding whether or not to investigate,” a statement said at the time.

Ofcom have since decided not to investigate further.

They confirmed that they had received complaints that “… the storyline in which lesbian character Kate Connor seduced a man to get pregnant unfairly represented lesbians.”

“The episode focused on two characters wanting different things from their relationship but, in our view, didn’t refer to their sexual orientation in a derogatory manner.”

Maybe if just one more person had complained things would be different, eh?