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18th Mar 2021

Chandler Bing has been voted the best Friends character and we couldn’t be any more thrilled

Could this BE more accurate?

Not too sure if everyone will agree with this TV news but Chandler Bing has been voted the funniest friend in Friends and we couldn’t agree more.

Chandler takes the biscuit as the wittiest Friend in our books.

In my opinion all the characters in Friends are pretty funny in their own right with their own memorable jokes and scenes but Mr. Bing just has those extra lol moments. carried out the poll to settle the debate once and for all. They asked fans to vote on all characters involved in the series.

Chandler who’s played by Matthew Perry was voted our favourite character with a huge 10,368 votes.

People just can’t get enough of the sarcastic sense of humour that Chandler brings to the show throughout the years. In second place for fans was Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc.

Ross is in 3rd place. Some might argue that Ross is the funniest of them all but according to the viewers who were questioned they think he’s not worthy of the top funny spot and have given him 3rd.

We were surprised to see that not one of the women in the show made it into the top 3 in fact they didn’t even make it into the top 4, Phoebe’s husband Mike took the fourth spot. We have to say Mike was a lovely addition to the later episodes.

In 5th was Rachel Green, Monica Geller took 6th spot and Phoebe Buffay was voted 7th funniest. The best barista in town, Gunther took 10th place just behind Janice, honestly though he could have been top five.

Other familiar faces who made the top ten include Chandler’s ex, Janice and Ross and Monica’s dad Jack Geller. The rest of the list included Ross and Rachel’s baby, Emma, and Ross’ son Ben.

You can have a look at the funniest characters list here.