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28th Jun 2023

Casa Amor is only days away as Molly Marsh flies back to Spain

It’s coming…

Love Island fans won’t be waiting long for some more drama to unfold on the show as Casa Amor is only around the corner.

According to reports, the highly anticipated twist in the show is only days away and this year, it could be even more exciting.

Casa Amor is the moment at the midpoint of the show where the islanders are given the ultimate test.

The boys and girls are split up with one remaining in the main villa and the others heading to a new home for a few days. They are then met with six new girls and six new boys, and are forced to decide whether they want to stay in their original couple or choose one of the new bombshells.

Guaranteed to cause major drama every year, it has been reported that filming for this will start on June 29th and we’ll get to see a teaser by the end of this week.

A source told The Sun that this year’s show will see a “shocking twist”, and with Molly Marsh making her way back to Spain… we can’t only dream.

“It’s going to be the most shocking twist yet because the cast have no idea it’s coming – filming starts tomorrow and it’ll be on screen this weekend,” the source told The Sun.

“This year will be explosive as there are barely any solid couples and nobody is official yet.

“Heads will be turned as the Casa Amor cast are the hottest one yet. Fans won’t want to miss it.”

According to reports from The Mirror, Molly has not returned to the UK “as expected” and has flown back to Spain.

Fans are now hoping this means she is returning to the show for Casa Amor, and will have an awkward reunion with Zach and Kady.

Taking to Twitter with their theories over Molly coming back, one fan said: “I don’t think molly should come back immediately. I think they need to pull a Malin from season 2 and bring her after Zach has moved on.”

Another said: “Prediction: Molly will come back via Casa Amor…”

A third added: “The fact that Molly has been dumped just like that…she HAS to be in Casa Amor.”

While a fourth penned: “I feel like there’s a twist Molly is definitely coming back and it’s pissing me off.”