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26th Mar 2019

Carla Connor arrested for manslaughter following Rana’s death in Corrie

rana corrie

Grim enough sitch.

Rana died in Corrie last week.

This we are all aware of. This we all know.

She tragically passed just after marrying her one true love Kate Connor when the Underworld factory collapsed on her.

She was even wearing her wedding dress. It was very dramatic.

Kate is, understandably, considerably distraught by the whole situation and has decided to get her revenge on whoever she deems responsible for the death.

And it is, of course, her sister Carla. Naturally.

Eaten away by guilt, the Underworld boss is of two minds about whether to tell Kate that she knew about the dodgy roof, eventually deciding that she has to or else she simply won’t be able to live with herself.

Kate, however, does not take the news well and despite Carla’s begging to not be turned into the police, Kate informs the authorities and Carla is arrested for Gross Negligence Manslaughter.

It remains to be seen whether Carla’ll admit that she knew something was wrong with the Underworld roof (even if she never thought it would actually collapse), but it’s fairly likely that the guilt will continue to eat away at her either way.

Bhavna Limbachia, who played Rana, recently explained why her character had to die such a grizzly and dramatic death explaining that there’s no other way she and Kate would ever leave each other.

“I believe their love was so pure as two souls that there was no way that Rana was just going to have a change of heart, hop in a cab and leave,” she said.

“I felt that if they were to be separated, they had to be torn apart and it couldn’t have been their decision. The only way to go was if Rana were to die. Rana would never leave Kate, ever.”

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30 and 8.30pm.