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10th May 2017

Alopecia sufferer receives huge praise for removing her wig on First Dates

Orlaith Condon

Most of us are never 100 percent honest on a first date.

Whether it’s a little white lie or a slight change in behaviour, we usually don’t fully let our guard down on date number one.

That’s why the internet is overwhelming in its praise for one woman who was completely honest with her date on First Dates.

Eve revealed that she has alopecia on the hit show before deciding to remove her wig at the dinner table.

“I don’t have any hair,” she told her date. “I wear a wig. I’ve got alopecia so my hair, it just falls out.”

After a moment of surprise, her date melted the hearts of viewers everywhere when he said:

“It suits you. Keep it off.”

Taking a moment in the bathroom, Eve reemerged to join her date with her wig off and she couldn’t have looked more gorgeous.