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11th May 2016

The five things that change when you move in together

Oh, what’s that? You're peeing with the door open? Well, that is new.

Moving in with your significant other is wonderful and terrifying in equal measures.

How will your relationship fare through bad mornings, burnt dinners and bills? If you think that’s the least of your worries, here are the biggest changes you’re about to face. Lovingly brought to you by contributor Christina Kenny.


When you are dating you respect each other’s boundaries with great care. Sometimes you dare to peek over his shoulder while he is laughing at a text message but nothing more. When you live together privacy has a whole different meaning. Suddenly you are walking past the bathroom and oh, what’s that? You’re peeing with the door open? Well, that is new. That’s cool? I have no problem with the fact that I can both hear and see the stream of urine leaving you, awesome.



When you are dating romance means flowers and sweet text messages that make you feel like some cliché in an Ashton Kutcher rom-com. However, when you are living together romance means Netflix and chill. But instead of that kind of chill you actually just chill. Old running trousers with a gravy stain and greasy hair are totally acceptable attire. Takeaway anyone? We’re feeling fancy tonight.


Remember when you were dating and you had sex in every room in his apartment? Remember that time in the car? Well, remember it carefully because that’s all you will do when it comes to sex, remember it. When you actually have sex it is still incredible but you kind of have to psyche yourself up to do it, like running a marathon or going out for the night after a long day at work.


When you were dating he had perfect table manners. He always knew how to conduct himself at the dinner table. He chewed the way you imagine Prince William does. Now, he inhales food like the main character in Fatso. ‘You have a bit on your shirt babe. And your beard. And…oh what is the point?’



He used to love when you wore his t-shirt to bed and you would swoon when he stayed over and used your fancy towels because it would smell like his after-shave. Now he thinks your feminine wipes are facial wipes and uses your favourite cashmere blanket (the Brown Thomas one that is only for show) to wrap himself up in when he watches the match and eats Cheetos. Sigh.

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