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04th Apr 2023

Wait – did Emily Ratajkowski just admit she’s dating Harry Styles?

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She what?!?

Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles sent fans spiralling last month when they appeared to share a kiss while in Tokyo, and now there’s more to the story.

The model seems to have admitted that she and the former One Direction star have been secretly dating for two months.

According to The Sun, the pair have been getting to know each other for “some time now” and don’t want to hide their romance anymore.

A source told The Sun, “Harry and Emily are enjoying getting to know each other.”

“Getting filmed kissing in Tokyo and then that footage being shared with the world wasn’t what either of them expected – but they aren’t hiding anything.”

“Harry and Emily have been getting to know each other for some time now. They spent some time together out of the public eye this year and are just enjoying each other’s company when they can while Harry is on tour.”

Speaking on a podcast last month, Emily spoke about how “great” the new guy she is dating is, and a lot of fans are assuming she must have been talking about Harry.

“I just started dating someone that I think I like, so that is different. I was like, ‘He’s kind of great’,” she said.

“But if you had been talking to me four weeks ago, absolutely. I would be seeing someone and then suddenly the way he would walk would be like, ugh.

“What do I look for in a partner? I like someone that is very independent. I think, for me, that’s very important because I do have a full life.”

Emily continued: “I’m hoping that dating someone that has more of their own life will prevent the issues I had before.”

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