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07th Sep 2023

Una Healy says dating in the public eye can be ‘frustrating’

Singer Una Healy got honest about her personal life.

Una Healy has opened up about her dating life, admitting that it is extremely tough to be in the public eye.

Una explained to RSVP that being in public life means people will want to know about your personal life, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

She explained to the publication:

“What you might read about in the papers is a different, fake world to what my real life is.”

She admitted that she can’t even go on a date without people poking their noses in her business.

“I still find any little date I go on blows up into this spectacular news and I don’t understand it sometimes.”

“This is the reality of it – you’re splashed on the front page of the papers saying you’re in a relationship that you’re not in.

She continued, “It can be very frustrating in that department.”

She said everyone’s private life should be private, but she doesn’t have this privilege because of her fame.

The singer’s remarks come after she confirmed she was not involved in a throuple with David Haye and Sian Osbourne.

The mum-of-two stressed that she was only dating David Haye, and not Sian Osbourne.