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08th Dec 2022

TOWIE’s Mario Falcone and wife Becky are expecting another child together

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Former The Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone has revealed that he and his wife Becky are expecting another child together following a devastating miscarriage.

Sharing the news on his sister Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast, Mario opened up about IVF and the couple’s struggle to conceive.

He said: “This baby that’s coming, we had IVF.

“I had this thing in my head when we were trying for baby two, we had this added pressure we were letting Parker down.

“He’s so ready for a sibling – when he comes home from his cousins and he loves being there, he says, ‘Why haven’t I got a brother or sister?’

“That literally kills you as you’re like, ‘I can give you anything you want as my son, but this is the one thing I actually can’t give you’.”

Mario and Becky got married last June in a stunning ceremony on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The two share their son Parker, who they welcomed in 2018.

Mario also spoke about the heartbreaking miscarriage that Becky suffered after an embryo implant, saying: “That was probably the hardest thing we had to deal with in our relationship.

“It’s a disappointment of yourself, because we got really excited about telling our families at Christmas, we had little cards made that unfortunately arrived the next day, and then telling Parker – but we hadn’t told him on that one.

“This time, the third time, it has worked. She will be 16 weeks when this goes out.”