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14th Aug 2023

What is the bracelet trend being seen on the Eras Tour?

How very 1990s of us!

If you’re like me, and have been watching everything to do with the Eras Tour from a distance, then you may have stumbled across pictures of fans and celebrities donning an array of colourful bracelets in the crowd.

Taylor Swift fans, a.k.a. Swifties, have always been hellbent on making their love for the singer known by coming up with new ways to show appreciation for her music through their concert-going attire.

The newest trend among the fanbase has seen people wearing multi-coloured beaded bracelets with Swiftie references on them, but why?

Well, seemingly, this is in tribute to one song from the Midnights album.

If you know your Taylor Swift lyrics, you’ve probably already guessed the song already.

That’s right. You’re On Your Own, Kid has inspired the newest Eras Tour trend.

It seems fans have interpreted the songs lyrics, “So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it,”  as a direct order from Taylor.

This had led them to beading their own bracelets that feature song titles, lyrics, references, and Easter eggs from the songstress’ life, such as her beloved cats, Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

The aim of this trend is to swap your homemade bracelets with other Swiftie fans who have created wristband tributes attending the shows, and therefore, fostering friendships over their shared love of Taylor.

Bonus points are awarded if you manage to do a swap with a celebrity wearing their own makeshift bracelet, of which there have been plenty.

Jennifer Garner unleashed her inner Swiftie on the Kansas City stop of the Eras Tour, showing herself quite literally dripping in Taylor references.

Also joining the trend was Sydney Sweeney, who posted loose beads to her story with the letters that make up the word ‘Fearless’ asking followers to ‘guess’ where she was going.

Taylor’s BFF, Selena Gomez, of course, showed her supports by jumping on the bandwagon.

Known for always making time for her own fans, she offered the same kindness to diehard Swifties by getting involved and swapping bracelets, and probably making their entire life.

Long-time pal Gigi Hadid was also spotted in the crowds with make-up artist Patrick Ta, enrobed in colourful, beaded homages to the Bad Blood singer, that indicate they are true Tay-tay stans.

So, if you were one of the blessed souls who managed to secure tickets to Taylor’s Dublin stop next June, this is your pre-warning to get your Taylor research done, get crafty and get those beads ready.