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14th Sep 2016

Taylor Lautner dyed his hair purple and it looks a bit mad

Still cute though!

Megan Roantree

This is odd.

Twilight fans everywhere were delighted when Jacob cut off his long locks in the film and revealed a much nicer, neater haircut. But we’re not sure what people are going to make of his latest hairstyle.

Taylor added a photo to Instagram on Tuesday, in which he debuted his new lilac hair.

Don’t worry, Taylor didn’t just do it for the craic though, it’s for a new role.

The actor will be appearing in Scream Queens second season alongside Lea Michele and Keke Palmer.

He will be playing  the role of Dr. Cassidy Cascade, a doctor with a “strange medical condition”.

In the trailor for the new season, Taylor still has black hair, so we’re interested to see what kind of plot leads him to have lilac hair.