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14th Mar 2019

‘Save your breath…’ Una Healy hits out at Ben Foden in her new breakup track


Una Healy is ready to talk about her breakup with husband of six years, Ben Foden.

In her new track, the singer is reportedly singing about her former partner, his lies and unfaithfulness, as she questions if he ever told the truth.

According to The Sun, the lyrics to the track “Strangers” go…

“You made feel like I was going crazy / Believing all those lies that you fed me.

“Every word you said to me was empty / Broken every promise that you made me / No / We can’t save this / Did I ever really get to know you / Did you really care for me like you’re supposed to.

“So save your breath / There’s nothing left worth keeping anyway / We are so much better off / To go our separate ways.”


The singer broke up with Ben in the summer of 2018 after it came to light that the New York rugby player cheated on her with a PR agent.

Later on admitting the scandal, Ben spoke to The Guardian saying:

“At the moment anything that’s published about me is never very good and pretty rightly so because I was the one who committed adultery.”

Since their split, Una has been seeing Limerick hurler, David Breen. The pair went public with their relationship in December, while Ben is currently residing in New York.