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19th Aug 2022

Sarah Jessica Parker offers to help out at Dublin restaurant

She really did that.

Yes, you read that right, THE Sarah Jessica Parker has offered to roll up her sleeves and get down to business at a Dublin restaurant.

As she visited the restaurant on a recent visit to Ireland, it was understaffed and noticing this, she offered to help.

The Sex and The City star recently took a trip to Donegal with her family where she and husband Matthew Broderick own a holiday home, and go nearly every year.

But this time taking a trip to Dublin, SJP ate at Soup 2 in Smithfield when she noticed the owner Conor Hughes was rushed off his feet running the place.

Of course he wasn’t going to ask customers to help out, especially not Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah took it upon herself to offer to help out with cooking and cleaning.

Speaking to Hello Magazine, Conor couldn’t get over how down to earth she and her husband were and how kind they were with staff and other customers.

He said: “Sarah was one of the nicest customers I’ve had in a while.

“She noticed we were super busy, asked if I was short-staffed and jokingly offered to help in the kitchen, as I was cooking and running food!

“She seemed to know a lot about our business and clearly had done her due diligence.”

Joining herself and Matthew were their three children, Tabitha, Marion and James as they enjoyed fried chicken and ramen as well as the restaurant’s cauli wings and salmon sashimi.

Enjoying the experience in Soup 2 so much, Conor said she even gave him a hug before she headed off.

Before heading to Dublin, the couple were in Donegal and even rocked up to a GAA tournament.