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06th Feb 2022

Rosanna Davison shares update following her son’s A&E visit

Sarah McKenna Barry

After a frightening night, Hugo is doing much better.

Rosanna Davison has given an update on her son Hugo after she took him to A&E on Thursday evening.

The model took her son to hospital after she noticed he was having trouble breathing. Thankfully, the one-year-old is doing much better now.

In an update shared to her Instagram stories last night, Rosanna said that Hugo had been diagnosed with Croup, a respiratory infection.

She wrote: “Thank you so much for your kind messages about Hugo – he’s much better today. Back to himself and busy in the kitchen!

“We’ll hopefully recognise the signs and symptoms of Croup if any of them get it again.”

Earlier this week, Rosanna shared the scary experience with her Instagram followers, and spoke about how important it is to “trust your gut” when it comes to concerns about your children’s health.

The mum-of-three previously said: “We spent most of the night in A&E in Crumlin with Hugo. He gave us a bit of a fright.

“He had a bit of a head cold yesterday and I noticed he was a bit wheezy in his chest, so I brought him down to the pharmacy and they advised me to give him cough medicine and keep an eye on him, which I did.”

However, she soon noticed that his condition wasn’t improving and that he was struggling to breathe. She then called her mum who came over to bring them both to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

She said: “I hopped into the car and we drove up to the A&E and they saw us really quickly and I just want to say a huge thank you to the doctor and the nurses there.”

“They couldn’t have been kinder and more reassuring and sweeter to Hugo. They just made both of us feel really at ease.”

She added that the staff told her she did the right thing. Hugo was given steroids and he was then monitored.

Reflecting on the night, Rosanna said: “I think lesson learned was always trust your gut as a mum. You know your baby best. Part of me was thinking maybe I’m overreacting here… But when I went in the doctor said we did the right thing by bringing him in.”