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27th Nov 2014

Rock Star Says He Is Homeless And Living At A Holiday Inn After His Money Was Stolen

The video was posted to his Facebook yesterday.


Scott Stapp of rock band Creed has released a video claiming he is penniless and living in a Holiday Inn after his money was stolen from him.

The band have sold over 40 million records in America but the singer has said in the last two months he has been under a “vicious attack”, with the Internal Revenue Service freezing his accounts due to a “clerical error” and that all of his money being transferred out of his bank accounts by hackers.

He also revealed that he had previously been living in his car and attributed his recent difficulties to his decision to do an audit of his finances, adding his fans and friends should be “smart enough to put two and two together”.

“About eight weeks ago, I began an audit of not only my record company but my personal finances. During the course of that audit, a lot of things were uncovered. A lot of money was stolen from me, or royalties not paid, and that’s when all hell began to break loose.”

While there had been rumours that Stapp has relapsed into drug use, he insisted in the clip that he was “sober as can be” and had rediscovered religion.

However, in recently-lodged divorce papers, his wife Jaclyn Stapp alleged that her husband disappeared from their home in early October and was “doing so much amphetamines, crystal meth and steroids that he has become a paranoid shell who has threatened to kill himself and harm his family”.