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07th Apr 2018

How much is Prince Harry worth and why are people annoyed about the cost of the royal wedding?

James Dawson

He’s due to wed Meghan Markle next month.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have their big day on 19 May and although for many the day will be a cause for celebration, there is always a naysayer or two ahead of this kind of event.

With the ceremony just around the corner, thousands of people have signed a petition saying that public money should not be used to pay for the marriage.

Although the Palace claims the wedding will be funded by the royal family, some costs such as policing will be footed by the taxpayer. But, would Prince Harry be able to shell out for the ceremony himself if push came to shove?

Well, according to The Richest, he almost certainly would.

They believe that Prince William and Prince Harry have an estimated net worth of approximately £28m. This certainly isn’t a bad figure considering that he only earned a salary of around £30-40k per year whilst he served in the armed forces.

A lot of this money is due to the fact Prince Harry is looked after by the Duchy of Cornwall private estate.

But it’s not the only source of money. In 2014 he inherited a trust of around £10m from his deceased mum Princess Diana. And he has also received annual dividends of around £321,313 per year from the age of 25 from her estate.

Harry isn’t the only wealthy royal. Kate Middleton’s net worth has been estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to currently be £7.3 million ($10m).

Not bad for some, aye?