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29th May 2023

Prince Harry has allegedly contacted divorce lawyers and is staying in hotel rooms

Clodagh McKeon

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly growing apart.

According to the royal author, Angela Levin, the distance between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle is growing “longer and wider”.

Appearing on Sky News, Daisy Cousens said she believes Harry contacting divorce lawyers shows that with great press comes “great pressure” and is somewhat not surprised.

Speaking on the show yesterday Daisy said: “I would not be surprised if any of this is true.”

Lady Colin Campbell has added fuel to the fire after she revealed that Harry has been staying in hotels rather than his family home recently.

The long-time royal insider and socialite said that he’s spending a lot of time in a hotel close to his house in Montecito and at another in LA.

Lady C also discussed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with GB News.

She said: “There have been problems in the marriage supposedly for some time. I mean, I have heard from five totally reliable sources that Harry called in the lawyers some months ago.”

If that’s true, that would have been before Harry and Meghan’s fifth wedding anniversary.

“Be prepared because just about anything coming out of camp Montecito is a lie”

Sky News Australia debated the royal marriage on their show last night.

Louise Roberts, Columnist at News Corp said famous royal butler, Paul Burrell believes Prince Harry is only staying in the marriage for his children.

According to Louise, Paul explained that Harry does not want to stay married to Meghan Markle but his priority is watching his two children Archie and Lilibeth grow up.

Paul has maintained a relationship with Prince Harry and Prince William since their mum died in 1997 so it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on this.

However, people are skeptical about these rumours.

Many news contributors and correspondents have reminded viewers that Harry and Meghan have a multi-million dollar Netflix deal that they need content for.

Speaking on last night’s Sky News Australia, Daisy Cousens said the couple needs public attention to continue making the Netflix series and for Harry to continue writing his books.

She said: “It wouldn’t surprise me if these were actually very calculated leaks from the Sussex camp. Suggesting that there’s a split on the cards when either way, we’re all going to look and ask what’s happening here.

“Even Lady Colin Campbell herself said to be prepared because just about anything coming out of camp Montecito is a lie.”

She also mentioned that Harry and Meghan’s house is worth over $12 million and it has 26 rooms inside and asked if there really was a split, why wouldn’t he just stay in one of those rooms?


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