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04th Jan 2019

Phillip Schofield just dropped a bombshell about Gemma Collins’ appearance on Dancing On Ice

gemma collins


Philip Schofield has just dropped a major bombshell in the lead up to the first episode of Dancing On Ice.

While doing a behind-the-scenes set tour, he confirmed that Gemma Collins threatened to leave the show.


Well, apparently the TOWIE star was really unhappy with her song choice for the first episode of the reality show.

Gemma looked absolutely disgusted when her partner, Matt Evers, told her about the song.

gemma collins

When she first heard her song, Gemma told her partner: “I’m not coming out to that!”

“You are joking. I’m leaving the show. Is this a joke? No, I’m leaving the show.”

Matt tried to calm her down, insisting that all the other skating pros would be on stage with her.

“They have like all the other pros behind us, it’ll be like a big old production. I can be the bus driver.”

In fact, she was so annoyed, she actually demanded a song change, and it seems she got what she wanted.

gemma collins

Philip said:

“I made no secret of the fact that I’ve said to Gemma herself ‘it’ll be a miracle if you stick with this to the live shows’.”

“I can confirm, as I walked in this morning, I was here for 40 minutes and Gemma was rehearsing on the ice. She is here.”

“I can also confirm she is not skating to the Vengaboys.”

We can’t wait to watch Gemma Collins on this!