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31st Aug 2023

Paris Fury ‘heartbroken’ over response to Netflix show as viewers slam Tyson

Paris Fury is a queen.

Paris Fury is reportedly ‘heartbroken’ following the backlash of her husband, Tyson’s behaviours in their new Netflix reality series.

At Home With The Furys hit the streaming service last month, and while many viewers took to social media to praise Paris, others condemned the boxer’s treatment of her.

The couple have been married for 15 years and share six children together, with their seventh on the way.

The reality series follows the Fury family as Tyson tries to embrace retirement.

The show delves into the heavyweight boxer’s mental health struggles with depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, and drug abuse, as well as his experiences living with his bipolar disorder and ADHD.

Many hailed the mother of six as an ‘inspiration’ and applauded her ‘patience’ labelling her a ‘saint’ and an amazing woman and mother.

However, many raged about Tyson’s behaviour toward his wife.

Paris Fury has the patience of a saint no amount of money is worth the way she gets treated,” one user wrote.

Just watched the first episode of At Home with the Fury’s…. Wow, Tyson treats Paris like absolute s**t, shocking,” another said.

“Paris Fury is an absolute saint, I dunno how she puts up with Tyson,” an X user posted.

Another said: “Watched two episodes of this – Paris Fury is amazing, but Tyson is an absolute horror. I get he has mental health issues but it’s no excuse for the way he treats her.”

Following the reaction, a source told OK! that the reaction shocked and upset Paris.

“Paris is heartbroken by the comments she’s seeing about Tyson. She has always known he’s someone difficult to get your head around and that he can be hard work, but she didn’t expect him to receive such a bad reception from the public.”

“She’s so headstrong, so she’s finding it really hard to see so many comments taking pity on her for the way Tyson’s mental health sometimes causes him to behave.”

In parallel to the negative commentary around the boxer, there has also been praise for his raw and honest depiction of mental health.

One wrote: “It’s a raw look into not only Tyson Fury the man but his family too and honestly mad respect to him for being so open and visible about his struggles.”

“Opens eyes on just how much Tyson has struggled with his mental health and a reminder that no matter how successful you are, sometimes your brain just never surrenders,” another said.

At Home with the Furys is on Netflix now.