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17th Jul 2023

Mrs. Hinch relieved after her son gets all clear following Kawasaki disease diagnosis

Mrs. Hinch has shared a hopeful update after her son was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease.

Influencer Mrs. Hinch said she is beyond relieved to share that her son’s heart has not been affected by the disease.

Her son Ronnie was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease in June, but doctors treated him quickly, meaning the disease didn’t progress.

Kawasaki disease is a rare, noncontagious disease that only affects around eight in every 100,000 children under the age of five in the UK.

The disease causes blood vessels to swell throughout the body. It can also impact the blood vessels that supply your heart with blood if it isn’t treated quickly.

Alongside a photo of Ronnie and his little brother Lennie, the mum confirmed her eldest is now well enough to travel.

“We have had the most amazing results from Ronnie’s most recent heart scan guys … they are all clear.

“The Kawasaki disease was caught and treated quickly enough meaning Ron’s heart has NOT been affected by the disease.

“He will continue to be monitored for a while,” she shared.

“But the relief is a feeling I can’t even describe right now,” the mum shared.

The mum-of-two explained that she was nervous about telling her boys about their holiday because there was a chance it could be cancelled. Luckily, Ronnie’s doctors gave the family the go-ahead.

Sophie shared, “We actually held off telling the boys or packing cases because we were ready to cancel in all honesty. But doctor’s orders, go and have fun in the sun.”

“We told the boys this morning and they’re so excited to head to the airport. I can’t believe it and feel so thankful,” the mum gushed.