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28th Apr 2023

Michelle Heaton praised for sharing photo from ‘very frightening’ first day in rehab

Kat O'Connor

Michelle Heaton marked two years of sobriety this week.

To mark the momentous day, the singer posted a heartbreaking photo of her first day in rehab.

The mum checked into The Priory rehab facility in April 2021.

She said that day feels like a lifetime ago, but in some ways, it feels like yesterday.

Michelle told her followers that she was so frightened when she started attending rehab for her alcohol addiction.

She posted a photo of her standing outside The Priory. The singer said she felt lost and didn’t realise “how bad I actually was” at that moment.

“2 years ago today I arrived on the steps of the Priory bewildered, confused, sad, sick, and very frightened”.

She confirmed she hasn’t had a drink since the day she checked into rehab.

“That day I took my last drink. Therefore my sobriety date is tomorrow .. please god. It feels like a lifetime ago and in some ways like it was yesterday”.

“I can still remember heading into there wanting to come out a controlled drinker. A normal drinker. I had no idea how bad i actually was, and that that day would be my last day of drinking”.

“As long as I continue to do my meetings, step program, and work on myself I don’t ever need to go back,” Michelle continued.

Her followers praised her for being so honest about such a difficult time in her life.

One said, “Michelle, you are truly amazing. Your authenticity and vulnerability are so touching. Well done for all you have achieved, it’s an enormous journey you have been on and continue to commit to”.

Another added, “Thank you for sharing. I have been in the same position- expecting to come out and drink normally, not knowing I couldn’t drink anymore. Thank God I, like you go to meetings, am on a 12-step programme, and carry the message to other suffering alcoholics”.

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