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29th Jul 2021

Matt Damon plans road trip around Ireland with his kids

Now this sounds like an adventure.

Hollywood actor, and honorary citizen of Dalkey, Matt Damon has shared plans to take his kids on a camping trip around Ireland.

Speaking on The One Show, Matt revealed a promise he made to his four daughters that involved a caravan trip around the Emerald Isle.

He explained: “We did the first lockdown in Ireland because that’s where I was shooting The Last Duel when we got shut down.

“We had this whole plan to caravan around Ireland and we couldn’t do it. So we went and locked down and then we went back and shot six months later and entered another lockdown right at the end of production.

“So I have a deal with my kids that when we get through this Covid stuff we’re going to go back and get a caravan and go see Ireland.”

Ireland was thrilled to host Matt Damon last year, and it seems the feeling was mutual.

Matt’s been vocal about his love for Ireland, and has even hinted at the possibility of moving here for good.

During a recent interview on the Marc Maron WTF podcast, the actor said: “When we did the lockdown, we were in Ireland because we were shooting a movie.

“It was so fucking great. We loved it there so much.”

He added that, in the back of his head he was thinking, “I could move her. I could live here.”

Matt said that he found Dalkey to be “beautiful”.

Matt isn’t the only Hollywood star who’s been gushing about his love for our nation. More recently, Patrick Dempsey made himself quite at home as he filmed the sequel to Disney’s Enchanted.

Yesterday, the Grey’s Anatomy star shared a photo of himself wearing a mask from Donegal company Hanna Hits.

In the caption, he simply wrote, “thank you !”, and we can only assume he’s talking to us, the people of Ireland.